What are the ingredients?
Water, Tea Extract, Beeswax, Vitamin E,  Aloe Barbadensis Extract, Castor Oil, Glycol

How do I Apply the Beauty Wax?
Apply a small to moderate amount of the wax to your hands and apply on damp hair (preferably). Style as usual.

Can I use the Beauty Wax with other hair products?

Can In Awe Beauty Wax be used with heat?
We don't recommend using heat with this product.

Does it stain?
No. In Awe Beauty Wax can be removed with water.

Can I use the beauty wax on Wigs?

How do I remove the colour from my hair?
Rinse the hair with water to remove.

How long does the hair colour last?
3-5 days but it depends on styling methods and how often the hair is wet/styled during use. More colour can always be reapplied!

Does the colour run?
Once dry In Awe Beauty Wax will have a strong hold.  


How will my personal information be used?
Please see our privacy policy for more information.

How do I make an Exchange/Return?
Due to health and sanitary reasons we only accept refunds and exchanges on unopened products. Please see our refund policy for more information.

How long does shipping take?
Domestic shipping usually takes 5-7 business days. International shipping can vary.

Do you ship outside of Canada?
Yes, we ship internationally!

How may I contact you?
Please feel free to contact us here.