A woman who posted a video calling out Coach was not well received by social media.

Earlier this week a women with the handle @hellyquinn was shopping in a Coach store in Sydney, Australia. In the video, titled 'Add Boycotting Coach on the list ', she is seen walking in the store when she spots a shelf with stuffed animals depicting Disney movie villains (e.g. Cruella) and is visibly shocked.



She then begins to rip into the brand for not learning from Balenciaga's mistake and calls them out for selling sexually inappropriate products: 'umm am I seeing this right. Is this a joke?', she says, recalling how she thought the public had already "...boycotted that kind of disgusting child [porn]ography crap but it's....it's like right there. I'm so uncomfortable right now."

She then pans over to a kid in the store and comments "this poor kid" and goes on to encourage the public to buy high quality clothes without supporting luxury brands.  

Many people on Twitter called out the young woman for getting it wrong and felt there was nothing wrong with the Disney Teddy Bear collection. Some even expressed interest in purchasing the items.
In the face of the criticism, she posted a follow-up vieo doubling down on her opinion on the Disney characters.  She expressed how she has been "attacked" online since her initial video and has been hit with racist and anti-muslim remarks. She also voiced her appreciation for the people in agreeance with her take on the issue.  



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