A new drug initially produced for the treatment of Type-2 Diabetes has now been hailed by Hollywood as a miracle to weight loss.
Ozempic, manufactured by pharmaceutical giant Novo Nordisk, is administered through a prescription injection. While the company claims that it can "[A]long with diet and exercise, lowers blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes", it is further clarified that "Ozempic® is not for weight loss."  The out-of-pocket cost can also be exorbitant if you don't have insurance with fees up to $1300 USD for a single dose. Side effects also include nausea, diarrhea, stomach pain and vomiting.  
Regardless of the warning, people have been clamoring to hop on the new trend in the hopes of achieving their body goals. The results cannot be denied as many have recounted their stories of success, even addressing symptoms associated with other conditions like PCOS.
Influencers have also been speaking out about the drug. In an interview with podcast Dear Media, social media star Remi Bader  personal experience including the effects she suffered after discontinuing its use. Bader was prescribed the medication by a doctor confirming that she 'was on that before it was trending' as it was considered a new drug. When asked how she felt about trying it she answered 'It was brand new...Just got FDA approved...I was so scared." 
In the beginning it seemed to help Bader shed the weight, but the results ended once she stopping using it: "You know, a few months later, got into the bad binging and went off it", she divulged, adding that she gained back twice the weight that she lost with a doctor confirming "it's a hundred percent because you went on Ozempic." Followers in the comments echoed her experience.
In two studies of Ozempic, results revealed that while some did in fact lose up to 14 pounds, others also gained weight, giving some credence to Bader's experience.  However, some were quick to point out that the after effects can happen with any medication that you stop taking, while others reported no issues at all.
The drug's popularity has been skyrocketing because of social media and with the FDA planning on approving the drug for obesity it will undoubtedly keep rising.  With the sharp increase in demand, diabetic patients are now having difficulty filling their prescriptions due to shortages.  
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