Designer Travis Di'meer Terry tapped into his family pool of talent and enlisted his 60-year old mother to model his products.  Her latest campaign is for the Mini IEMBE bag.

Instagram @iembeofficial

His mother also brought the glam to model other products offered by the brand.

Instagram @iembeofficial

Terry is the founder of IEMBE (pronounced ‘I-EM-BEE), a black-owned luxury handbag and clothing label. The company was founded in 2020 in Connecticut and has successfully taken off since its inception.  The brand has been worn and modeled by celebrities such as King Combs and Jordyn Woods. 


King Combs and Jordyn Woods // Instagram @iembeofficial

The Mini IEMBE bag currently retails for $175 and is available now at www.iembe.com.


Cover Image: Dholly IEMBE bag, $325 // Instagram @iembeofficial

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