Well it's over, Kim and Pete have called it quits after nine months. The drama filled relationship certainly had it's up and downs but the pair seems to be in good spirits. A source reported to ENews that the breakup was amicable as the two found it increasingly difficult to spend time together given their busy schedules.

While going public, we were able to see how fashionable they looked as a couple, particularly in comparison to the forward fashion of Kanye and Kim. 

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West at the Met Gala 2018, Instagram

The couple went public on Flava Flav's Instagram account. They're pictured with the reality star and rapper and momager Kris Jenner wearing brown plaid pajamas.


In the couple attended The White House Correspondents' Dinner for their first red carpet debut. Not unexpected, Kim was dressed in Balenciaga, a sleeveless silver floor length gown with a train. Pete stepped away from the usual casual look in a Prada black suit with a white shirt but faithfully wore his Vans and black shades.



 A week later they attended the Met Gala 2022, Kim wearing a vintage crystal Jean Louis gown, the last dress to be worn by Marilyn Monroe. The Kardashians star reportedly lost 16 pounds to be able to fit into the dress. She also died her hair blond and wore a fur shawl to complete the late blond bombshell's aesthetic. Pete again opted for a more simple look with a black suit by Dior, white shirt and black shades. He also ditched the Vans this time for black dress shoes.



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