It looks like the Gap x Yeezy partnership has come to a close.  It's been reported that the artist's lawyers notified the fashion brand of the termination yesterday.  They were found to be in breach of the agreement after the collection was not released or retailed in stores as planned. 

Earlier this month West aired his grievances with both Adidas and the Gap on social media after he felt that they were making decisions without his input and absconding with his creative control.


In an interview with CNBC Ye discussed why the partnership broke down.  Ye discussed not having control over the pricing and production and having the clothes retailed in pop up shops instead of the agreed upon Yeezy stores. His attempts at communication with the brand proved unfruitful. "Our agendas weren't aligned" he said "I’m not gonna argue with people who are broker than me about money.“  Shortly after the announcement the company's stocks plummeted.


 The company will still be able to sell the collection recently released in July with Yeezy and Balenciaga to close out the contract. The collection included hoodies, masks and trash bags

Ye's appeared to have move on with his fashion aspirations as his new Yeezy shades have been gaining popularity with celebrities including fashion journalist Anna Wintour and comedian Chris Rock. Kim Kardashian and North West gave us a sneak peak of the glasses earlier this summer.



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