Jason Mamoa decided to shake things up a bit by shaving his hair for a more mohawk-inspired look. The 'Aquaman' star also got a traditional tattoo on one side of his head from his crown down to his neck.

He posted pictures of the procedure from his native Hawaii where the tradition is practiced.  He was surrounded by family including his father, aunt and uncle and commented how it was "20 years in the making." He said that he was "Honored to be apart of this, powerful moment in my life."

Polynesian tattooing is an ancient art form where ink is tapped into the skin using a chiseled instrument made of bone, wood or any similar material.  The designs are spiritually symbolic to the culture and signifies one's deep connection to their heritage. 


He also posted a video of himself boarding a plane to New Zealand and showed off his new look. 



Momoa is no stranger to getting ink. He has a tribal band on his forearm (the mythological symbol for shark, the aumakua of his family), his kids' signatures on his chest, the logo of his company On The Roam on his other arm, and another tattoo on his hand.



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