Society as a whole has evolved as more inclusive than ever before and fashion is no exception. Age-diversity has allowed older models to be better represented in the media, tapped by fashion and beauty houses like Fenty, Vogue and Gucci.
The shelf-life of supermodels has also lengthened with supermodels like Naomi Campbell showing no signs of slowing down. She recently walked for Schiaparelli at Paris Fashion Week.
More and more fashion influencers over 50 are solidifying their brand on social media and showing us that age is just a number. Followers of all ages have flocked to their pages for the latest fashion trends to try in their own closet.  Many of them have been successful in securing modelling contracts later in life, something that was only reserved for their younger counterparts.
Women have historically been ostracized for aging, expected to bow out of style and self-expression for a more subdued age-appropriate appearance. That taboo has been replaced with the right to be bold and wear what you want, a creative freedom offered to all ages. 
Older women are having fun with fashion while dishing on their beauty regimes and fitness routines. These women are not afraid to experiment with new trends and styles, whether it's a bold print or an unexpected color. 
Let's all take a page from their book and approach fashion with the same confidence and playfulness, regardless of age!
Cover Image: Instagram @greceghanem wearing Viktor and Rolf

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