Celebrities have been flooding the market with their beauty lines from Jennifer Lopez' JLO Beauty to Machine Gun Kelly's nail polish line UNDN LAQR.  Whether you're a beauty enthusiast or beginner it definitely helps to choose what's best for you before you purchase it. Celebrity Bethenny Frankel is doing just that, giving viewers her no-holds barred opinions on the latest beauty products vying for our attention and money.  

Rihanna has been leading the pack with her beauty brand Fenty Beauty. Bethenny praised the billionaire for the success of her line and said how "proud" she was "because she deserves it."  She also commented how the new mom "woke up" other celebrities when "Rihanna got FU rich" and "now they're all running trying to make that cash."  She found the packaging "innovative" and "signature to her, that's her thing", while the highlighter (a stand out product for her) was "nice" and "creamy, it's got a pretty colour" and "I get excited from it". 



Kim Kardashian's skin care line SKNN BY KIM was put to the test and Bethenny didn't hold back giving the lowdown on the eye cream and exfoliator. Being a frequent flyer, the television host commented on the packaging being "impractical at best" for storage and travel as it was "bulbous" and "doesn't stack."  She likened the exfoliator packaging to a "rubik's cube" that you'd "have to be a billionaire" to use and didn't find the products to be "Kardashian rich" or worth the price.



She most recently posted a video about Selena Gomez' beauty brand Rare Beauty with rave reviews.  Overall, she found the products to be "very good", the line "excellent" and even predicted Selena was "on track" to be the next beauty billionaire after Rihanna.   


She's been giving us the goods on celebrity beauty brands and fans are here for it! They appreciate her brutal honesty and the way in which she delivers it, recording from her home sans the glitz and glamour and all the frankness we've come to love and expect from the Housewives alum. Fans are even encouraging the reality star to launch her own official beauty review show on Youtube to post longer content.


What brands would you like Bethenny to review next?

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