Balenciaga is testing the limits of fashion by releasing a trash bag themed collection. The bag resembles your run of the mill garbage bags used in everyday households but retails for much more at $1790. 

This comes after the fashion house recently launched their distressed shoe collection that certainly raised eyebrows. It comes to question what die hard fashionistas are willing to wear and how much they're willing to spend to stay on trend. How big does a brand get when they believe they take anything, declare it fashion with no real creative effort, and slap a big price tag on it?

People have been responding to the release, some even thinking it must be a joke, as there's now way such a price tag should accompany as basic an item as a trash bag.  Twitter user @kirawontmiss replied that "Balenciaga gotta be trolling", while another user posted a picture of dilapidated airplane with the caption "Balenciaga Airlines."


Are you buying the new Balenciaga bag?

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