The battle of the stripes is over between the two fashion giants as Thom Browne has won in a court decision made on January 12, 2023.

In  2021, Adidas brought an over $7 million suit against Browne over it's use of stripes similar to the sportswear company's trademarked logo. While Adidas is known for the three-stripe logo, Thom Browne has incorporated a four-stripe motif into their designs as well. 

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A jury was not swayed and Adidas was unsuccessful in seeking an injunction against Browne to the stop using the stripes. It was found that the two emblems would not be confused among consumers and that they were distinguishable enough for continued use.  Adidas is primarily known for creating sportswear while Thom Browne specializes in casual/business attire with a slight sports influence.

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In 2007 Adidas also sued Thom Browne over the use of three stripes, resulting in Thom Browne changing it's logo with the addition of a fourth stripe.  


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